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McGill Scott

Meet McGill Scott

Educational Psychologist

B.A (UNISA), Hons.Rem.Ed (Wits)   •   Med Psych (RAU) | PS 0059714 | PR 8639450EEG Tech   •   BCN (BCIA)

GIN (Global neurofeedback instructor)

McGill Scott is an Educational Psychologist who has been registered with the HPCSA for more than 20 years. She has always had a passion for children who had barriers to learning and initially qualified as a remedial specialist and then went on to complete her MEd Psych Degree. Her other passion has always been the brain and how it functions. After all, how can you understand why a child cannot learn if you know nothing about the brain? At a time when very few psychologists thought it important to have this knowledge, she completed an intensive clinical neuropsychology course in 1997. She has worked in the field of Education and Neuropsychology since obtaining these two accreditations.

In 2003 she attended the first-ever training in the field of Neurofeedback under the auspices of EEG Spectrum who sent out a trainer to South Africa to train a small group of interested people. She has been involved in the world of Neurofeedback ever since and has successfully worked with children, adolescents and adults in assisting them to regain neurological flexibility, thus enabling them to cope more easily with a variety of problems. In conjunction with neurofeedback, McGill endeavours to work holistically with her clients so that the effects of neurofeedback training are generalized into their lives.


McGill is passionate about learning, and apart from participating in many neuropsychology courses in South Africa, she has been a frequent traveller to the USA where, over the years, she did extensive training in the various modalities of Neurofeedback and QEEG’s under a variety of different experts in the field. She has also undertaken hours of supervision in the various modalities of Neurofeedback, EEG’s and QEEG’s, mostly from experts in the USA.

To facilitate her knowledge of EEG’s, McGill qualified as an EEG Technician in South Africa.

In 2011 she was approached by Terri Collura from Brainmaster and invited to become a part of the GNI (Global Neurofeedback Initiative) team. Brainmaster and Stress Therapy Solutions collaborated in putting together a BCIA accredited version of the 36-hour BCIA accreditation course for Neurofeedback.


They invited a group of people from all over the globe to complete the course which would enable them to teach the 36-hour BCIA Neurofeedback Accreditation course outside of the USA. McGill has been running workshops to train people wanting to become Neurofeedback practitioners in South Africa ever since. She is extremely keen about encouraging and assisting colleagues to incorporate neurofeedback into their practices.

More recently she has begun the journey of learning the biofeedback modalities so she can incorporate Biofeedback into her practice alongside Neurofeedback. Watch this space!!

She is one of the founding members of BFSA (Bio/Neurofeedback Association of South Africa) and has served on the board since its inception. She is also BCIA accredited.

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