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Educational Psychologist • Neuropsychology • Neurofeedback • Trainer
McGill Scott

Meet McGill Scott

Educational Psychologist

B.A (UNISA), Hons.Rem.Ed (Wits),

Med Psych (RAU) | PS 0059714 | PR 8639450EEG Tech,

BCN (BCIA), GIN (Global neurofeedback instructor)

McGill Scott is an Educational Psychologist who has been registered with the HPCSA for more than 20 years. She has always had a passion for children who had barriers to learning and initially qualified as a remedial specialist and then went on to complete her MEd Psych Degree. Her other passion has always been the brain and how it functions. After all, how can you understand why a child cannot learn if you know nothing about the brain? At a time when very few psychologists thought it important to have this knowledge, she completed an intensive clinical neuropsychology course in 1997. She has worked in the field of Education and Neuropsychology since obtaining these two accreditations.

Meet McGill

Why Neurotherapy?

Why Naturopathy

It can help with

Improved memory

Neurofeedback training improves memory due to a result of increased neuroplasticity.


Neurofeedback for autism spectrum disorders usually focuses on improving the processing of social and sensory information and on reducing activation of emotional networks.

Anxiety & Depression

An alternative to invasive treatments such as medication, ECT, and intense levels of transcrancial magnetic stimulation.

Reduces ADHD

Research has suggested neurofeedback training may be a way to treat ADHD, by restoring balance to these areas in the brain.

Sleep disorders

Help bring slow-moving delta waves or fast-moving waves back into balance.


With electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback (or neurofeedback), it is possible to train the brain to de-emphasize rhythms that lead to generation and propagation of seizure and emphasize rhythms that make seizures less likely to occur.

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